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SonicBlast Moledo 2015


At the very west side of Europe at the border to Spain a rather small but very loveable festival arises. SonicBlast Moledo seems to be a unique event in Portugal, with highly acclaimed, well-known bands. The setting right at the sea is enchanting.

  Date   14. August & 15. August
  Location   Moledo do Minho, Portugal
  Genre   Psychedelic, Stoner
  Visitors   Around 1000
  Tickets   tickets coming soon
  Website   SonicBlast Website
  Facebook   SonicBlast on Facebook
  • Pentagram • USA • Doom
  • Vintage Caravan, the • IS • Stoner/Classic Rock
  Last Update   25.02.2015


Krach am Bach 2015


Krach am Bach has always been a great example of how to mix Heavy Rock bands with Alternative Rock groups. If you look at the past lineups (starting in 1994!) you might not find Stoner everywhere, but a really fine selection of rocking bands. They know what they do. And with such long experience for sure know how to set up a well-organized festival. The profit will be donated to a good cause (institutions which get little and therefore should get even more).

  Date   24. / 25. July 2015
  Location   Beelen, Germany
  Genre   Hard Rock, Stoner, Post Rock
  Visitors   Around 4000
  Tickets   35-45 Euro
  Website   Krach am Bach Website
  Facebook   Krach am Bach on Facebook
  • And So I Watch You From Afar • IR • Post-Rock
  • Brant Bjork • USA • Desert Rock
  • Colour Haze • GER • Psychedelic Stoner
  • Elder • USA • Stoner Doom
  • Monomyth • NL • Psychedelic Rock
  • Mos Generator • USA • Stoner Rock
  • Wooly Antshake • GER • Stoner Rock
  Last Update   25.02.2015



Rock im Wald 2015


Over the years Rock im Wald always had Stoner influenced bands in it’s lineup, but they still have a great mix between Stoner bombs like Blues Pills and underground punk bands. If you ask if it’s worth it attending, just read the festival review by our editor Kev below.

  Date   24. & 25. July
  Location   Michelau/Neuensee, Germany
  Genre   Stoner, Blues, Punk, Rock
  Visitors   Around 1500
  Tickets   45 Euro, via website
  Website   Rock im Wald Website
  Facebook   Rock im Wald on Facebook
  • Blues Pills • USA/SWE • Heavy Blues Rock
  • Picturebooks, The • GER • Noise Garage Rock
  • Motorjesus • GER • Stoner Metal
  Last Update   24.02.2015