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Written by Tim
Founder and editor of stonerrock.de/.eu

I’d like dedicate a few words to the past five years. To explain the origins of our little website, I have to make a small jump to the years around 2008, 2009. I think this is not a too personal approach because I was able to hear very similar stories over the years. So, let’s go. Like many others, I left Thrash Metal and other varieties of Rock behind me due to boredom. To the rescue came – out of nowhere – Queens of the Stone Age, and right after that: Monster Magnet and Kyuss. Of course, they have been there for a long time by then already, but somehow they have been always below the surface. One felt as if a treasure had been lifted out of the desert.
Full of enthusiasm I attended every upcoming gig which was even vaguely connected to Kyuss. Back then Graveyard and Witchcraft are still together on one lineup, playing in front of forty people in the smallest club, OM do the same being just a two-piece and Kadavar and Blues Pills are not even talked about yet. Sleep, Unida and Pentagram are considered legends for which you missed out on visiting a live performance for forever.
Exactly at that time – 2010 – the stone starts rolling. Many of my close friends could not share my new passion for the discovered music genres and so I did not have an appropriate talking partner. We live fortunately, however, in the 21st century. The helper therefore: The Internet. Back then Facebook wasn’t really around yet, so you exchanged opinions in cheap forums. A free one (with a minimum of advertising banners) was found, so it could start. Within a few months quickly dozens of lovers of the heavy rock scene gathered. Largely camouflaged under nicknames we discussed upcoming events, old heroes and current records.

With the continuously increasing interest it soon became clear that we can’t leave it at threads and nicknames. An actual website was required. The name for it was quickly resolved: an early supporter from heavy-metal.de had saved the domain stonerrock.de already and provided it to us free of charge. Thanks you! With technical support from the community (thanks Ben), we succeeded soon not only to provide the forum but also concert reviews and record reviews. Not always with the best German, but always wanting more. We wanted to create content for fans, like us. stonerrock.de was suddenly a name for organizers and bands, so all of the sudden we got guestlist invitations, promotional CDs and interview offers. One could hardly believe his luck. Suddenly not only a fan, but somehow also part of the scene. It was beautiful, this time at the beginning. Always excited, always new people and experiences.

However (you can see it coming already) this thing was growing and growing. More followers, more content, more work, more time to invest. The community extends to parts of Europe and expects content now also in English. We are thinking: No problem, we just finished learning this in the classroom for years. So from now on, we translated all our content if possible. stonerrock.eu, there you were! The scene grew and grew and the requests got more and more. Promo CDs in the mailbox, dozens of inquiries via email and Facebook messages slowly came into play too. All inquiries of course deserving support, but to answer and write them all was impossible. To my best time (as a student you can take a time of 1-10 hours a day to work on your private website) ideas came to me, one after another. Among other things, I was fascinated with the idea of ​​an underground festival planner, which was wonderfully accepted by the community and organizers from all over Europe. The work got out of hand by then, however. Strangely enough some people to this day, believe I earn my living with stonerrock.eu. It’s quite the opposite though. From abroad there were even times they were talking about financial deals – a record review for Euros. Looking at it like that, it’s kind of nice that Heavy Rock has now arrived back in the mainstream and we sink into the Underground. We had responsibilities to labels, promotional and booking agencies, bands and friends. We wanted to let down no one. Ultimately, you had to. Everyone or no one. Therefore, the things have expired over the last year. We have hidden and somewhat withdrawn. The pressure not to fulfill our goal was too big. Letting stonerrock.eu back behind does not hurt, because what we have all won in the team, are friends who exist beyond, and thats the reason why we will continue to attend concerts and festivals for decades to come.

A Thank You

That’s just my way of seeing things. I know fans who have been in the scene longer than I perhaps look at the last years from a different angle, maybe even more critical, but I hope I was able to represent our origins and our motivation behind this website. We as a team have decided to conclude the chapter stonerrock.eu (with small exceptions, see below). It was not always easy. We are happy to give the microphone on to all the other fanzines and blogs out there that have superseded us anyway for quite some time. First of all of course JJ from The Obelisk, who single-handedly has filled the hole that has been left by the disappearance of stonerrock.com, with his daily and especially detailed content. Thanks should probably go to dozens of people, so I’m not even going to start. But one thing: Thanks to the team, which had to endure me as a semi-boss repeatedly and without the whole project of course, could not have found nearly as an appeal as it did. Kisses.

I hope our community will not forget the small part that we were able to contribute to this exciting time and appreciate it that Advertisement on stonerrock.eu never came into question for us and also server costs were always compensated by ourself. Of course our contributions on this site will continue to be available online. Thanks for the years we spent together. They are not over. We’re saying bye in the online world, but look forward even more to see you in the summer on our favorite festivals. Until then, Cheers.



How to continue?

Photography and video editing always have been a part of stonerrock.eu (see our YouTube-Channel). This is a hobby which I will continue to put time in. Who has liked my work so far, is very welcome to visit my new Website http://www.random-hero.de or to follow me on (Facebook). See you there.

Our team members Luca and Ruth would like to point out that they continue to upload content sporadically. Of course, they will therefore continue to be able to use stonerrock.eu as their platform of choice. Therefore there is no reason to take stonerrock.eu out of your favorites, huh?

Numbers, numbers, numbers

5 Years
152 Record Reviews
56 Concert Reviews
41 Interviews
89 YouTube-Videos *
395555 YouTube-Views *
1493 YouTube-Subsribers *
6263 Facebook-Follower**

* Both of our YouTube-Channels combined
** plus 5276 at German Stoner Rock Community