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Let’s cut right to the chase. Eventually we have a lot of winners to compliment. Let’s start with the (in your opinion) Top10 best albums of 2011. The community has decided:

1. Sungrazer – Mirador (102 Points)

With their second record the guys from Netherland apparently hit right into your Stoner hearts. A well deserved first place!

2. Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil (84 Points)

After presenting Europe their live qualities on the Up In Smoke 3 tour, the buy of the record became a matter of duty.

3. Graveyard – Hisingen Blues (53 Points)

The Swedens even beat their first record, which almost was impossible to do. Retro Blues Stoner which moves.

4. Samsara Blues Experiment – Revelation & Mystery (37 Points)

Great heavy Psychdelic Stoner. The guys from Berlin are here to stay. Awesome second album.

5. Sahara Surfers – Sonar Pilot (35 Points)

Very important to the scene to finally have a female vocalist in a Stoner band. And now even in the Top5.

6. Monkey3 – Beyond The Black Sky (30 Points)

Psychedelic Space at its best. Again an epic sounding record from Switzerland.

7. Grandloom – Sunburst (25 Points)

Grandloom deliver a very promising record. Let’s hope to hear more from them soon!

8. Karma To Burn – V (21 Points)

Veterans in riff storms with their fifth record. The concept is still the same. It still works!

9. The Flying Eyes – Done So Wrong (17 Points)

One of the most versile and exciting records of 2011. Live and on CD impossible not to like!

10. Red Fang – Murder the Mountains & Mars Red Sky – Mars Red Sky(14 Points)

The tenth place is taken by the heavy-ass Red Fang and the Psychedelic Space Rockers Mars Red Sky.

There they are. Your Top10 records of 2011! Thank you for participating!

The winners of the raffle will be announced tomorrow!

Congratulations to all the bands.