Glowsun Interview @ Freak Valley Festival 2012de en

After their gig at at the Freak Valley Festival, we had the chance to talk to the guys of Glowsun in the backstage area.

Nik ( Hey Guys. Tell us about your impressions of the Freak Valley Festival. Did you enjoy your show?

Fabrice: Yeah great! We had some problems with the strings for the guitar. Two broke, but we think we took it!

Johan: Oh, yeah two strings broke and a problem was the weather – it’s hard for the people (because it was raining cats & dogs during the France bands Glowsun and Mars Red Sky).

Fabrice: But the time is very good…

Johan: Hey, but it’s not the time for Glowsun, but  yeah it’s cool here.

Nik: Since the Stoned from the Underground, the Christmastour and the Desertfest in Berlin you left in print in scene! You’re from France, but you play so many shows in Germany. Do you think it’s easier for you to reach success in Germany than in your homecountry?

Fabrice: We think it’s easier in Germany for us! In France it is more difficult to have more people at a gig, because the music is maybe better for the German people. Every gig we do in Germany is always ok, many people, we sell many CD’S…

Johan: I think France is not a really rock-country, in Germany people have a good reception to our music and we think in France the people are not really ready for this music, but this year with the Hellfest, people maybe know the stonerrock better.

Ronan: And yeah, there are no many places to play this music…

(Thomas von Lonely Kamel just interrupted the interview or so…)

Nik: Ok, in September you’ll play together with Monkey3 and Grandloom the Roadtour “Up In Smoke”. Did you get in contact with the other bands at Desertfest in Berlin?

Fabrice: Yeah, we know the Monkey3 for a long time, because there are francophones, so we’re in contact with them. They are a fucking great band!

Johan: Yeah, I think it’s a good band combination, because Monkey3 is really spacy and us, we’re between spacy and heavy and the third band Grandloom it’s also a great band, too. Very nice!

Nik: Many fans looking forward to your new record. Have you already a release date?

All: What ahh, yeah… (some other bullshit in French)

Fabrice: Ahhh, we think it’s ok for September, for the Up in Smoke. Now we have some contact with labels and search for a good deal. Now we can say nothing, but we think at the end it will be good.

Johan: Yeah, in the future we will announce this on facebook or our website…

Fabrice: Promotion will start in July, so yeah.

Nik: Ok, thank you so much you guys, see you in September! Have a good time here!