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queens_of_the_stone_age-like_clockwork_2013To draw a line under the continuing QOTSA News and semi-news in recent weeks and months, we would all like to comment Like Clockwork…. As consensus we can say that at the beginning no one could speak of enthusiasm, but then the album, similar to Era Vulgaris six years earlier, met with more understanding.

Each editor would liked to philosophize forever, but everyone was limited to a certain amount of space. The results here:

Gloomy, dramatic, defensive (Tim)

QOTSA_Like_Clockwork_I_Appear_MissingI think it wouldn’t hurt Homme to do another Desert Session again. With old friends like PJ Harvey, Mario Lalli, Chris Goss and Dave Catching chilling at the Rancho de la Luna and experiment together. Back to the roots. Away from Hollywood. Why bring names like Elton John and Trent Renzor into the game when you get to hear neither the influence nor the actual cooperation? Because- let’s face it – although the special guests, are so special, you have to look out for them a lot. Nick Oliveri, who was often demanded back in the band because of his vocal outbursts, gets lost in a big choir.

However, I like many parts of the new album. I also like the much acclaimed, overall mood. But a bunch of the songs seem to me somewhat redundant and not really stand-outs. You could have done a mix between mainstream and experimentation different I guess. Having more corners. Forming more edges.

I have to say the more I hear Like Clockwork…, the more I like it. At first I only liked two songs. Now it is more than half the record. I Appear Missing I liked at first. A dramatic track that will experimented with live very much I hope and thereby can grow into a small epic. Many songs of the Queens have grown, to what they are for us today, on stage.

Nested. Beautiful. Love for details. Catchy. Polished. I would have loved at least one bang on the album. Just one.

I Appear Missing, The Vampyre of Time and Memory, Fairweather Friends

Personal Filler
Smooth Sailing (should have been on the next Them Crooked Vultures)

QOTSA have now finally climbed the throne (Ruth)

QOTSA_Like_Clockwork_If_I_Had_A_TailSo I have my queens back. No band had such a lasting effect, inspired and shaped me like Queens of the Stone Age. To them I owe my artistic wide-angle, my interest and attention and tolerance not only to listen to music but also to understand and feel it.

But enough now … QOTSA’s sixth studio album is finally here. And I was very skeptical. The pre-released live and studio streams were not really well received by me, so I had stylistically and emotionally little use for them. But that should change after third listening session of … Like Clockwork.

Carried into the classical mystery-noise and minor accented Keep Your Eyes Peeled is probably the hardest nut to crack on the album. After the poppy-groovy I sat by the Ocean and the quiet ballad The Vampyre of Time and Memory you will already suspect that on …Like Clockwork QOTSA shifted down a gear but sound especially flowing and relaxed. No tinkering as on Era Vulgaris and also – despite Nick Oliveri’s guest appearance – no punk rock excesses. This can be good or bad for now or just to take in neutral.

During my maiden voyage If I Had A Tail met nerve in the inner ear, this strong combo approaches: Grohl, Oliveri, Lanegan. The former marches with his drums towards choral to spread some more lashes, the latter emerges thanks to its outstanding natural vocal-presence. The classic hymn My God is the Sun fits surprisingly well into the concept of the album and even become the earworm without any sneaky nerve factor.

During the verses of Kalopsia Josh Homme blossomed into a Grand Monsieur of Soul with mandatory background support – until the chorus spits out a struggling bundle called Trent Reznor on the feet and – along with Homme – continues exorcising inner and outer demons.

After the old men’s meeting at Fearfeather Friends sexy-sleazy Smooth Sailing is now on display – sluggish 4/4-time in hip-swinging Make It Wit Chu-style – even much more erotic in its creativity.

The last two tracks – I Appear missing and the title track … Like Clockwork – act as dramatic twin sisters who strongly echo the gloom of Lullabies to Paralyze and perhaps that’s the reason of being such a great closing argument. Lyrically Homme almost seems desperately … self-discovery disorder, anxiety, loneliness – topics that had Josh probably very busy. And it’s always amazing that most artists make the best work in the deepest void of itself.

As QOTSA fan you’ve never had it really easy. You are accustomed to a certain sound, the band mixes-up again at the next release and mostly causes bewilderment and confusion. However, because patience is a virtue and every wine needs time to mature, this album sparks after repeated listening. The fast-paced times, drugs, escapades, destructiveness and psychedelic drifts had an important place in the Queens- universe but are definitely over. At least the sex remains. Good, solid album, great lyrics and a band that marches on its path consequently. And I will continue to walk all paths with them.

If I Had a Tail, Smooth Sailing, I Appear Missing

Personal Filler

Giuchie, Giuchie Oh la la (Flo)

QOTSA_Like_Clockwork_KalopsiaIf the Queens are known for one thing, it is that each album has its own style but they also typical sound like Queens of the Stone Age.

This is also true for the new album, for which we all waited so many years. But who has expected they return with phat rock, will not be happy with Like Clockwork. Rather, those who pay attention to the little details. Those who take music apart and put it together again. Homme surpasses himself with masterfull compositions that combine the dark atmosphere of Lullabies to Paralyze, the catchiness from Era Vulgaris and the cool grooves of Them Crooked Vultures. The album has a clear theme that is so well thought out from start to finish. The only drawback are the much publicized guest appearances, which, apart from Kalopsia which clearly contributes Trent Reznor’s handwriting, are rather unimportant. In return, Hommes singing has improved once more. Clear, partly also higher and with more variations in the songs themselves

Fact is, this album you can just love or hate. Those who have always admired the virtuosity of Queens, will celebrate it as a masterpiece. And for those who still want a second Songs for the Deaf, I can just quote: „Not everything goes around comes back around you know“!

True words!

If I Had A Tail, Kalopisa, I Appear Missing, Smooth Sailing

Personal Filler
I Sat By The Ocean

Melancholy with depth (Kev)

QOTSA_My_God_Is_The_SunSix years we had to wait for the sixth album by the Queens, but hardly anyone would have thought that it would polarize the people as „… Like Clockwork“ did. If you think back to the self-titled debut, there are only a few similarities between the QOTSA of then and now. The monotonous stoner riffs are allready gone, the simple yet catchy songwriting has given true virtuosity and the atmosphere has turned from drug-impregnated cheerful in gloomy and thoughtful. And yet we hear immediately what band it is, especially the style of Josh has become almost imperceptible.

The album itself does anyway only work as a whole, picking out individual songs would break the structure and cut through the red thread that runs through the work. If you allow it, the mood immediately cast’s you under her spell. During the first hearing a lot of pictures were taken before my mind’s eye to the music. Everything sounds like an aimless night seeking for luck and unanswered questions, mysterious shapes encountered, doubt, anxiety … a flood of emotions is transported. Each run of the album delivers more details and tries to penetrate this complexity.

„… Like Clockwork“ is in my opinion the songwriting technical zenith of QOTSA until now. And I think that there was no need for the influences of the guest stars. …Like Clockwork is no album that has the hits or the song you can sing-along drunk at the party. It’s what music was from the beginning … that is art!

Smooth Sailing, My God Is The Sun, Fairweather Frends, If I Had A Tail

Personal Filler
Kalopsia, …Like Clockwork

Gloomy, sexy, smooth! (Fred)

QOTSA_Like_Clockwork_Smooth_SailingAfter quite a long time and a few side projects we can finally get our hands on a new Queens of the Stone Age record, which is completely different and on the other hand exactly as we excpected it to be – just good.

You have to pass through at least a couple of times to take …Like Clockwork to your heart but after a while the songs will become accessible which were just passing by at the first. Nothing got caught within my mind, the melodies were way to tame and there was no big bang. For a few moments I was afraid this album could be a bad and lame one.
I was far wrong because when you listen to it several times you understand the beauty of the songs and you’ll get the big picture of the whole record.

The best trick of all, is no trick at all.

The atmosphere is quite grim and drifts into melancholy from time to time but in the next moment it can be damn sexy, wicked and fleet-footed lively. There’s everything between grooving Rock smashers and a bouncer-ballad. And „sexy‟ are most of the songs indeed. Sometimes in a really offensive way and then only slightly and vague – but present trough the whole record.
All the well-known artists and stars keep themselves in the background so you have to listen very closely to spot Sir Elton John, Trent Reznor and the others. But they aren’t adversited in big illuminated letters as feature guests and that’s why it is alright and reminds me of the good ol‘ Desert Sessions.

Talking about the Desert Sessions – …Like Clockwork is like the Desert Sessions were melted with Them Crooked Vultures in one pot but is still Qotsa. Maybe that’s why it is so magnificent.

I Sat By The Ocean, I Appear Missing, Smooth Sailing, If I Had A Tail

Personal Filler
My God Is The Sun, …Like Clockwork

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