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Stoner with trumpets and a lot of groove

Poncho Express

Coogans Bluff

Once starting with riff oriented Stoner Rock, the guys from Rostock already have developed to something which only can be put in its own little niche. How to call it? I don’t know. Anyways, the whole thing always has feeling, groove and plenty of power in it. The best example here is the opener Beefheart. Powerful, raw vocals, a incisive trumpet and a bunch of rhythm-loaded energy, the song is one of the absolute highlights. It reminds me a bit of Fatso Jetsons Orgy Porgy.

You And Me, however, is probably the song with the most pop-appeal on the record. It could also air right in the radio charts … but wait, there’s nothing good on there ever, is it? The song is fun and gets stuck in your head. In my mind there are a lot of people jumping around going nuts to the beat of the music.

The songs are broken now and then by clever set bridges and jam parts. So, eyes-closed-moments are lined up right next to thus of going crazy. The whole thing works so well that the thirty minutes are over way to soon. Repeated listening is not an option but a must-do.

If you have to explain (once again… ) to friends what „Stoner Rock“ is, you shouldn’t play twenty Kyuss songs in a row, but try to find the widest possible breadth of different variations of the Stoner Rock music. Coogan’s Bluff show very well what you can create from the dust-dry Desert Rock of the 90s, so that it still fits and is quite different though.

Recommended to everyone who wants to hear something different for a change.

Track list:

1. Beefheart
2. The Dirt keeps The Funk
3. You And Me
4. Poncho Express
5. Afterwit Is Everybody’s Wit

Running time: around 30 min

Song you should listen to: Beefheart, You And Me

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