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Trails & Passes

Only 2 years after the release of Nest Of Vipers, Borlänge based Swedes are going to serve us their 5th studio album Trails & Passes. The only two continuous band and founding members Tommi Holappa (git/Dozer) and Bengt Bäcke (bass/studio engineer for Dozer, Demon Cleaner, Lowrider) are still aboard. But with Arvid Jonsson (voc) and Sebastian Olsson (drums) we are welcoming two new bandmembers. Especially the change on the mic is reasonable because Oskar Cedermalm is too busy with his ambitious Truckfighters. But let’s bring the music into focus! If you get a new Greenleaf record it’s predictable that it will be a solid rock album like the ones before. They are not like bands as QOTSA or Metallica, where every release sounds different. Greenleaf have their own, steady style and it makes them down-to-earth. It’s good to see they won’t exceed their latest album every time! They just want to make good music and they are great in what they’re doing!

The typical Greenleaf sound is based on the good old 70’s but spiced up with mighty stoner riffs and some psychedelic interludes. Even though there are two new members, the chemistry between these four guys is amazing. Bengt and Sebastian lay the foundation with incredibly groovy rhythms, just like they’re playing together for 20 years. Tommi plays his very own style, some people would say it’s Dozer-style but it’s simply Tommi-style. He’s one of the rare guitarists whose sound has this huge recognition value. Heavy fuzz riffs and catchy melodies surerly can be found in thousands of bands but I always pick out Tommi’s great sound. Last but not least the new singer Arvid is more than just a substitution for Oskar. He has a great voice and fits perfectly into the Greenleaf music. Sometimes he is pushing the whole song to another level. Anyhow, he is a great choice for Greenleaf!

The whole album is a mighty heavyrock tribute to the 70’s till now. There is not a single little weakness or a song that seems misplaced, no insincere divergence from their sound to gain a wider fan-base. It’s just the music these guys want to play. It’s honest, pure and you can feel it while listening to them! But some songs are shining out, especially the longest one With Eyes Wide Open. It has a very psychedelic, spacy intro with lots of echo and passes into a calm groovy part. The rhythm section carries the song while Tommi supports with reserved volume and effects. Arvids dreamful vocals are slightly raising the song until it becomes a true riff monolith! Amazing song! For sure it may fit on every Dozer album but as already mentioned, that’s Tommi’s sound! The Drum on the other hand could be a tribute to amazing drummers like Bonzo or Bill Ward…Hats off Mr. Olsson! Our Mother Ash has this great good-mood-vibes in it’s fast and powerful sound and the title track unites all the merits of that great album.

Well, congratulations to Borlänge! Nice work! And it’s good to know that Greenleaf remains faithful in what they do! Trails & Passes is not only for stonerheads or retro-fans, it’s for people who cherish honest, self-made rockmusic! You can order the album directly here on Small Stone Records. Be sure you don’t miss the dudes on their upcoming european tour! For tourdates click here

1. Our Mother Ash (3:14)
2. Ocean Deep (5:32)
3. Equators (3:31)
4. Depth Of The Sun (4:38)
5. Humans (4:29)
6. With Eyes Wide Open (8:06)
7. The Drum (2:54)
8. Bound To Be Machines (4:15)
9. Trails & Passes (5:40)

Running time: 42:19 min

You should listen to: With Eyes Wide Open, Our Mother Ash, The Drum

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