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Monkey3 - The 5th Sun

Sun worshipping apes

The 5th Sun


If you have to write about the new album of one of your favorite bands, you are inevitably in a dilemma. On one hand, you should reflect your own opinion, on the other hand you should remain objective. But this aspect is less important on the latest record by the four Swiss, because one must admit it is their best album so far! The six songs offer an incredible complexity and variations in terms of rhythm, tempo, volume, and emotions. All positive properties of their previous recordings have been compressed in this 50 minutes and they are convincing from the first to the last tone! While Walter on drums and Picasso on bass form an unshakable rhythm foundation, the guitar riffs of Boris and the floating keyboard sounds of dB stir each other up to the max.

Monkey3 have been living by the perfect symbiosis of all four musicians since their first recordings. The drumming reminds me once more of my two favorites Bonham and Ward. The bass is solid as a rock in while providing the basis for beautiful melody lines, which I have rarely heard lately. Boris sometimes seems to merge with its PRS and burns down uncomparible solo fireworks. The spacey keyboard sounds accompany the sound with an incredibly dense atmosphere and attract the listeners with some kind of magic! The band has never been better than on this album, the multi-faceted ranging goes from quiet, melancholy at the last song Circles over to the strong and pushing Once We Were… with his long-drawn glorious outro up to the jagged rhythmic of Birth of Venus. When listening to Sun, one could imagine a musical solar flare and Pintao surprises with its industrial-like beginning right up to the clash between keyboard and guitar in fantastic solos.

The absolute highlight of the disc is the 15 minute long opener Icarus, which represents the mythological story of this young Greek, who sets to go with his father Daedalus to fly to the sun. This song is one of the best musical concept tracks that I’ve heard so far. You can understand the complete story based on the dramaturgy of the song. Beginning at the quiet intro as he assembles his wings of wax and feathers behind closed doors. The beginning of the flight is initiated by the heavy drums and increases by variations of a beautiful guitar melody. The failure of the construction by the melting wax close to the sun is the most dramatic part and appears very oppressive by very quite and softly swirling sound elements. The whispering voice of Icarus can be heard: „Daedalus, should I stop? Should I stop flying? I’m afraid!“…“My wings are gone, I can feel it, did I reach the Sun? I’m falling! I’m falling down“. What in the story ends with the fall of Icarus, continues in the song with repetition of the thrilling melodies of the flight. As if it was not the end, but rather a kind of rebirth, maybe just the joy of anyway getting so far and to have fought for something that was worth it! This first title of the album leaves me even after the tenth time listening with a shiver, despite the sad story a sense of hope and success is conveyed, and you can only understand if you’ve heard it by yourself. Without exaggeration one of the best titles of recent music history and for me the best album of this year so far!

For all who are now curious about the new album, all the people who maybe have never really known the band or for those who like powerful, pscycedelic Stoner somewhere between Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath: The 5th Sun is avaible at Oct. 25th on Napalm Records. And who wants to see the 4 monkey heads live, you will find the tour dates on the Monkey3 Homepage and on our european tour dates page.

1. Icarus (14:58)
2. Suns (8:40)
3. Birth Of Venus (5:24)
4. Pintao (4:43)
5. Once We Were… (9:01)
6. Circles (6:59)

Running time: 49:45 min

You should listen to: Icarus, Pintao, Once We Were…
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