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After number three there’s four…



…and Sasquatch start again from the exact point, where they stopped with their third full-lenght. As always they provide heavy riffage through their amps and give us the perfect soundtrack for the compulsive roadtrip through the desert … on a lonesome road … in a muscle car. The stonerheads are romantic though. Those three guys play music together since 2001, are kind of well known within the scene and also beyond but somehow they still stay unnoticed.

I really can’t tell why their music is used in movies, TV series like „Sons of Anarchy‟ and „Viva la Bam‟, some video games on the one hand and on the other hand they still struggle with an average level of awareness.

Their music is good – without any doubt – because otherwise it would not have been used in those soundtracks and they had to scout for other jobs after their first record. The riffs are straight, ass kicking and are driven by an agressive drum style. Some psychedelic parts loosen the guitar volleys and you can relax for a few moments just to get the next thick riff blasting out of the speakers. The bass is like a massive bulwark flattered by the guitar solos.

All in all it is a good mixture and well done from songwriting up to the performance.The reaction on most of their songs is „awesome‟. It should be: „awesome, play it again!‟. I guess that is exactly the point, because while listening to this record you just can not not beat time with your foot and nod along with your head. But when the last tone faded there is nothing left – no melody has settled in the ear canal. Maybe I just have to listen to it a few more times … because in doing so it is a whole lot of fun!

1. The Message
2. Eye Of The Storm
3. Sweet Lady
4. Money
5. Smoke Signal
6. Wolves At My Door
7. Me And You
8. Corner
9. Drawing Flies

Running time: 45 min

Songs you should listen to: Money, Smoke Signal, Corner
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