Burg Herzberg Fesival – Gunther Lorz (Organizer)de en

Because of lots of mud Gunther Lorz, organizer and manager of the Burg Herzberg Festival had plenty of work and naturally no time for an interview. But a good working festival organization is more important than my lousy questions so we did the interview afterwards via e-mail:

Fred: First of all, introduce yourself and tell me something about your duties and responsibilities in preparation and during the festival.

Mr. Lorz: My name is Gunther Lorz. I’ve been working since 1995 for the festival and I’m also since 2005. Overall there are six people preparing/vorbereiten the festival but I’m the only one in our team who is constantly busy with the festival and all that is connected with it. I’m in touch with the visitors, the press and I’m managing the ticket sale. There’s also the homepage and other things like these.

Fred: There’s more and more stonerrock represented in the last couple of years – are you looking for those bands of your own accord or do you respond to requests?

Mr. Lorz: One of the stonerrock-labels we’re cooperating with is Elektrohasch, so there’s at least one band from this label. Our bookers choose the good stuff for the rest. We’ve got not really distinct tendency.

Fred: Do you have to close some gaps with young, fresh and budding bands just because our old heroes simply getting old?

Mr. Lorz: In the beginning the Herzberg was a festival with contemporary music. Since those days music changed and developed exceedingly further. Insofar you really can’t say we’re “filling gaps” because we also have to demonstrate where progress took the music which has got it’s roots in the 60s.

Fred: How come that bands like My Sleeping Karma, Sungrazer and even Lonely Kamel – which are quite harder in their style – fit just marvellously in the festival’s concept?

Mr. Lorz: It’s handmade and good – end of story. We’ve got our main focus on rock music. Let’s take Blue Cheer or the Ground Hogs for instance. This whole idea is not really a new thing and had always it’s spot on the festival.

Fred: How would you describe your relation as an organizer to the GEMA (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights – for our foreign readers: It’s an state-authorized institution that only exists in Germany in this way, which represents the usage rights stemming from authors‘ rights (e.g., mechanical licensing, broadcast licensing, synchronization licensing) for the musical works of those composers, lyricists, and publishers who are members in the organization. But in a way they failed and the whole concept is not fair at all) Is it going to be affected by the latest alteration and alleged simplified pay scales or rather what is your opinion on this broadly discussed issue?

Mr. Lorz: In this case we need a “Bosman-ruling”. [it’s quite hard to explain – inform yourself here] The claim to exclusive representation is a complete farce! The Burg Herzberg Festival has got a high portion of GEMA-free artists. We have to pay a fee for those music and on the other hand no artist is getting any benefit in any form on the part of the GEMA. It is some kind of banditry. Sooner or later a court is going to end it.