Veranstalter Interview @ Freak Valley Festival 2012de en

At Saturday we had the change to talk to the organizer of the Freak Valley Festival – Jens Heide and Marco Rehm. The answered some little question and talked about the next version. Thanks to you.

Fred: Jens, the festival is nearly over. Can you give us a conclusion? Do you already have an end result?

Jens: The result is just excellent. The festival was even better than in our dreams. We planned to sell about 500 tickets and in the end it is sold out at both days (999 tickets). We have a brilliant atmosphere and today the weather is awesome. It can’t be better.

Marco: Yeah, just in time the police was here, they honored us for the good organisation…

Jens: Everything goes well, camping goes well…we are all satisfied.

Fred: Can you compare the organisation to the events you do at Vortex or is the festival a completely different thing?

Marco: No, because of  the camping it’s completely different. You have to consider that people always walk around, to organize the camp-site and take care of drinks and food.

Jens: We met for half a year every week one time. In the last weeks we took every free minute for planning the festival. So it’s a completely different thing to a little clubshow…

Marco: We play together football two times the week and just talked about that….

Jens: My mobilephonepaychek is astronomically high….

Marco: I didn’t even check it….


Fred: Was it easier for you to get in contact with bands because of the events at Vortex?

Jens: Yes, we have contact to bookers, agencies and bands, so things went easier. We didn’t start at zero.

Nik: What was your highlight at FreakValley Festival up to now? What was your favourite band?

Jens: That’s a tricky question. We like all bands, otherwise we didn’t book them. The best “band” is the crowd. We have such a nice atmosphere, everyone has fun.

Nik: Okay. Do you have any plans for the next year?

Jens: We already have a date as you can see in the festival guide. It’s not sure, but the next version of the festival will place at 31st May/ 1st June, 2013. We have to talk to the people from the AWo, if we can use the ground again, but if yes, we will do it definitely again!

Marco: We had enough bandrequests for the next years…

Fred: Do you have any favourite for the next year?

Jens: No! If we book a band for the next year, we will announce it. But it’s a long way until it.

(smalltalk at the end)